Officiating Wedding Ceremonies and
Renewal of Vows in the San Juan Islands.

“Marriage is a sacred relationship summoning in you that which is deepest, strongest, truest and most pure. From that space, and in that spirit, committing each to the other on the path of Love.”

“When we love, the miracle happens: that which may have been motivated by selfishness and the assumption or desire that things must go just as you wish them to — that element simply steps aside, and you have another, nobler reason to exist – the happiness and well-being of your Beloved.”

Tour Planning

San Juan Island Whale Watching And Tours  
Kick off your honeymoon with an adventure you won't forget! We can plan your entire activities list including Whale Watching, Kayaking, Nature Trails, Hiking and More! Visit our "Contact Us" page or Click Here to contact us and set up YOUR adventure list!

Logistics And Details

San Juan Island Wedding Planning And accommodations  
Planning a wedding is stressful enough not to mention all the logistics of your stay. Let us take care of planning and booking your Hotel Stay, Car Rental or any Other Transportation needs. Visit our "Contact Us" page or Click Here to contact us!

Entertainment And More

San Juan Island Entertainment And Services  
Relax and enjoy letting us take care of all your entertainment needs. Whether you're thinking of a soothing Massage, Private Chef, Yoga Class or Live Music we can set up your ideal event schedule. Visit our "Contact Us" page or Click Here to contact us!