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Didier Gincig Orcas Island - San Juan Island Wedding Officiant

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What I offer as a wedding officiant on Orcas Island, in the San Juan Islands, and in the Puget Sound area, is a personalized ceremony, officiated calmly and comfortably with an intent to create the perfect wedding for the most important day of your life, a true celebration of your love! I consider being a part of such an important event an honor and a privilege. I do everything possible to make each wedding a complete success.

I enjoy the process of meeting with couples, getting to know them, creating a personal ceremony and witnessing the joy of couples uniting in marriage. I look forward to meeting you and finding out what is important for you, what you like about each other, and what you like to do together. Then I weave important aspects of your life within the wedding ceremony, so it is meaningful and personal. You can see the ceremony or be surprised! 

This is my fifth year officiating weddings. Each and every wedding has its own unique flavor. Being a part of something so grand and seeing joy from couples and their guests is an amazing experience.  I love to see how people’s hearts are open at weddings. Each and every detail, every guest whose heart is touched, the sharing of vows, the expression of commitment of love in front of family and friends–it’s pure joy!

It is because of Francis Racey, a long time islander, that I have been officiating weddings successfully. When Francis retired after decades of officiating weddings, he mentored me and actually offered me the ceremony that he developed over decades. He taught me about the importance of welcoming guests and helping them feel included immediately, acknowledging the love and support that they all have in common for the couple, acknowledging their travel and efforts to get to the islands. The core of the ceremony remains true to Francis’ words, and they always seem to reach the hearts and minds of the audience. Many people tell me it’s the most amazing ceremony they have ever witnessed.

Some couples choose not to see the ceremony and trust that it will be what they are wanting for their wedding. Others choose to read it and work together, editing drafts until it is ready for the wedding day! Either way, I’d love to sit with you if you are visiting the island or talk by phone or Skype. I’m interested in details of your lives, how you met, what is important to you, what you love about each other, and what you would like to include in your ceremony, how you will say your vows, what reading you might like to include, who your guests are and how they might participate, doing all I can to officiate a ceremony that will touch the hearts of everyone who is present on the most important day of your life.

I also want to mention that my wife and I were married in 1989. The years they move quickly! I’m here to say that it’s not always easy, but it gets deeper every year. Kathryn and I are best friends. We have two wonderful adult children, Thaddeus (27) and Emilie (24). We have a wonderful life here on Orcas Island–growing food, kayaking, walking in beautiful places, a loving community, close friends, and the gifts of all the seasons.

Whether you’re looking for a wedding officiant with a ceremony that will be personalized to meet your needs, or if you have a wedding officiant in mind but need help with details, give me a call and I’ll see if I can be helpful. I can also be helpful because I know the islands well and can help you with important choices of vendors.

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In Service and Love,

Didier Gincig, Wedding Officiant

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