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Wedding Planning and Consulting

After twenty-three years on the island and several years in the wedding industry, I know the people in the wedding business and the many great places to be married. I can help you with wedding logistics on Orcas and on the other islands, whether it is a two-hour consult to assist you in narrowing down important options for vendors and wedding locations, or perhaps I can help you with coordinating all of your vendors on the day of your wedding.

The marriage ceremony can be eclipsed by the demands of organizing the wedding itself. Countless phone calls, decisions, arrangements, and expenses involved in planning  can leave a couple feeling stressed instead of looking forward to a sacred ceremony that celebrates the power of love and the meaning of their relationship. I think the advantage of hiring a wedding planner/consultant is it helps the bride and the groom let go of thinking of details and focus on the wedding itself.

Even the rehearsal dinner can be overwhelming. So many details! I am available with a positive can-do attitude to help everyone, including your guests, be able to arrive in the San Juans knowing what is important with transportation, lodging, dining, and wonderful things to do.

From the ceremony itself to logistical details you can make the entire wedding experience just the way you want it to be.

Don’t lose the spirit of the day by getting so overwhelmed that you get disconnected from what your wedding is really about—the love you share and the life you want to live together in the future. Whether it is the ceremony or everything connected to your biggest day of your life, we can help create a light-hearted atmosphere that reflects the love you have for each other and your guests, and the love and joy you want to celebrate throughout the entire process of getting married.

Whatever size or style of wedding you choose, it is the careful, thoughtful planning and the atmosphere, not the cost, that makes it beautiful. It’s not how much you spend but how you spend that matters.

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. Let us take care of planning and booking your accommodations, car rental, ferry reservations and other transportation needs, flowers, logistics for your rehearsal dinner, dinner reservations, booking your massage, or perhaps finding your private chef to cook meals for you and your guests during your stay in the enchanted San Juan Islands.

Let’s talk about how your wedding will truly reflect the uniqueness of your relationship, your  quirks and preferences, and the feelings, wishes, and intentions you share.

The most important part of the wedding is the wedding ceremony—the words that are spoken, promises made, the bond you create. I have a beautiful ceremony that is sure to reach the hearts of all your guests. Personalizing it is the fun part! What traditions do you want to include? You can honor time-based traditions, including religious and spirituals traditions, while creating a personalized ceremony. Perhaps you have a wedding officiant lined up but could use some help designing the ceremony. I can help create a really beautiful ceremony!

Long after the wedding is over you will look back on it as the beginning of your married life together. You’ll be glad you don’t have to look back at stress, but you will have fond memories of the entire experience!

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E-mail  me at or call 360.298.0362 and let’s see if we’re a good match for your wedding. I certainly will do all I can go make everything go well for you and your guests.

Entertainment And More

Would you like some assistance with coordinating entertainment and relaxation for you and your guests while you’re visiting the islands? Whether you’re thinking of a soothing massage, a tour of the island, kayaking, whale watching-- we can set up your ideal wedding experience. Whether you are eloping and it’s just the two of you, or perhaps you’re looking for something interesting to do with your family and guests, I’m happy to share what I know and create a wedding weekend or week you will always remember fondly!


Tour Planning

Enjoy days of adventures on Orcas Island or other San Juan islands. Could you use some help for you and your guests to plan and book your wedding adventures, including Whale Watching, Kayaking, Nature Hikes, guided nature walks. or sailing?  Or kick off your honeymoon creating memories you will treasure for a lifetime!